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Request Header:

{'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'api-key': 'YOUR_API_KEY'}

Include the following data when sending a request:

  "aid": 1233, // A unique identifier for the API request.
  "lc_x": "138417152", // Argus data in protobuf, obtain via argus_decode.
  "app_version": "33.0.0", // Application version.
  "version_code": "330028", // Version code of the app.
  "manifest_version_code": "330028", // Version code in AndroidManifest.
  "update_version_code": "330028", // Update version code of the app.
  "tz_name": "Europe/Berlin", // Time zone of the requestor.
  "lang_b": "DE", // Browser language of the requestor.
  "lang_k": "de", // Language for the API response.
  "sdk_ver": "v05.00.06-alpha.10-ov-android", // SDK version.
  "get_token": "" // Send if token is obtained, otherwise leave empty.